We hope every student will enjoy learning English in our school. The following abstracts show all our effort and achievement in these ten years. Please click for more information.





Welcome to the homepage of the English Language Department! This year, our Department has launched a series of programmes and activities to help you boost your English standard. Our visions are as follows:

•  To create an English rich environment

•  To enhance your exposure to a different culture

•  To help you improve your English language skills

•  To stimulate you to think wide and critically

•  To bring you “fun” in learning and using the English language

Here, we've got some snapshots of our English programme events. Surf through our website and cherish the memorable moments you have enjoyed here at KSK!

We would also like to thank you, as students at KSK, for your support and active participation in the activities which contributed a lot to the success of our programme events.

In addition, we would also like to acknowledge the efforts of our English teachers who work whole-heartedly in realizing all our visions through thoughtful planning and implementation.

Hope you would enjoy surfing our website and wish you all a prosperous 2008!